Monsters of the City for 5E RPG

Created by Cawood Publishing

Seven Sins, Seven Virtues, Seven Districts in the city! It's time to choose a side! A 5th Edition monster book with 100 new creatures

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Summer Update
14 days ago – Mon, Jun 29, 2020 at 06:49:59 PM

Hey everyone, here's our beginning of summer update! Hope everyone is doing well. We're still working on the art for the book and are ahead of schedule right now. Travis has done illustrations for all the regular monsters, now we focus on the 12 sins and virtues still to do. Each of these monsters will have full-page illustrations like Chastity and Lust. Then there are two other full page pieces (including the back cover) and several smaller pieces. 

There is always a collaborative effort in working on the art; first the creative director gives Travis a description (this includes a great deal of freedom for the artist), then Travis has a chance to add his input and make suggestions. Once in awhile this alters the monster so much, the stat block or bio is changed. There will be a few changes like this to finish up before the editing is finished. 

In other news, the printing house we use in Washington State is up and running again! So once we've done the art and final editing we hope it won't take too long to print. 

Here is another page from the book:

We'll change the giant razor to Infernal Razor and change the damage a bit...

More Art!
about 2 months ago – Thu, May 21, 2020 at 12:02:53 AM

Hey Everyone, hope all is well.

We've sent out all the older PDFs, email with any questions. This includes the following; Monsters of Feyland, Monsters of the Underworld, Myrr, Naern, Ma Zaan, Hirelings and Henchmen, Between Dungeons Handbook, Adventures in Myrr, and the RPGenerations comic book. 

We're currently working on the main book, NPC book, and adventure.  Art continues to come in for the main book and that will continue for at least two more months. 95% of the text and layout for the main book is done, might be a few changes once all the art is complete. Here are some images of pages from the City book:

Starting to send out older PDFs
3 months ago – Mon, Apr 20, 2020 at 07:20:06 PM

Hey everyone, hope you're well and staying safe. Thanks for filling out the surveys, almost 100% completed in record time. Today we've begun the process of sending out the older PDFs. If you have any questions, email us at

We're adjusting to this new world like all of you. Our office space is being used by someone else for now, so we're making do. The City book is ahead of schedule, however the printing house we use is closed for printing at this point. Hopefully they'll be up and running when we're ready to print. We really just need the art at this point and Travis Hanson is on the job!

In the meantime, we've also started the City adventure and NPC book. In the next couple of months we'll get the other merch made (t-shirt, notebooks, etc). That company is still doing business as usual.

Here are some more examples of the City book in progress:

Take Care, Andrew Cawood

Cawood Publishing

New Add-ons and News
4 months ago – Mon, Mar 30, 2020 at 10:13:17 PM

Hey everyone, I hope you're all well. Thanks to the 93% of the backers who filled out their Backerkit surveys in record time.

Here are some old PDFs people requested at discount prices (CAD). If you're interested in any of these email

F1 Into Feyland adventure (levels 1-3). Short adventure set in Feyland: $2.95

F2 Dark Woods (levels 4-6). Short adventure set in Feyland: $2.95

Feyland NPC book. Levels 1,5,10,15 for each class: $4.95

U1 Deep Trouble adventure (levels 7-9). Short adventure set in the Underworld: $2.95

Underworld NPC book. Levels 1,5,10,15 for each class: $5.95

Meanwhile, we continue work on the main book for Monsters of the City. Travis has begun to work on the rest of the monster illustrations. He begins by sketching the creatures from descriptions from the lead designer. They discuss any options and then move to the inked version. Finally, Travis does the color version for the book. Here are a few examples of the pages in progress:

Ogre Baron
Halfling Ambassador

Take Care

Andrew Cawood, Cawood Publishing

Going to Lock Orders Early
4 months ago – Sun, Mar 22, 2020 at 11:32:39 PM

Hey everyone, hope you're all well and staying safe.  Thank you for filling out the surveys!

As 90% of you have completed the surveys, we're going to lock orders this coming Friday, March 27th. A handful of people asked for us to delay this, so those backers can email us at to have an extra month or two (as long as that remains a small group). It takes some extra time, but we'll lock orders individually to allow that option. Getting the final tally for rewards will allow us to get the old PDFs out to backers sooner. We'll also give you a discount link to purchase the Feyland and Underworld extras soon. 

Meanwhile, the layout is mostly finished. Gordon McAlpin worked his magic and now it's time for Travis Hanson to finish the rest of the monster illustrations and extra art. Unlike our first two monster books, Travis will see exactly what space he has to work with and can tailor the image better. The book should have a much more dynamic look thanks to Gordon and Travis. 

This extra time indoors is allowing our writers to work on the City adventure, City NPC book, and start to plan the next monster book for 2021. 

Take Care, Andrew Cawood

Cawood Publishing